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By perfecting its technologies and know-how in the thermoplastic molding of inner liners, Pentair has succeeded in developing seamless, 100 % corrosion-free, non-metallic vessels. When a repair is made (replacement) to the button, you need to also clear the lockout. Up to three (3) Load Centers or Power Centers can be connected to a main Load Center for a maximum of 40 relays. The link between the ET and the Protocol adapter can be either a 4 wire cable OR the wireless link that is included in the kit. Arrow 4' x 7' Yardsaver Compact Galvanized Steel Storage Shed with Pent Roof. Make sure that your LED is NOT illuminated. Get instant status information and remotely monitor all of your connected Pentair water devices, anytime, anywhere, for peace of mind at… The information does not usually directly identify you, but it can give you a more personalised web experience. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. With the Pentair IntelliFlo VS pump having priming settings, and the ET or IntelliCenter having priming settings, neither one overrides the other. IntelliConnect is an entry level automation system for simple pools. An IntelliTouch control system can include five (5) to 40 high voltage relays circuits that can be used to control any combination of pumps, lights, water features. Help! With a single speed pump you are able to run only one schedule per day. Please type an address. Discover customers. Run AC power to the heater without any relays. Freeze protect mode worked fine for him for 2 years, then wasn’t working this spring. IntelliFlo and IntelliPro Pumps recommended for use with SolarTouch Controller:[25], IntelliFlo and IntelliPro Pumps not recommended for use with the SolarTouch Control System. You can calibrate the air and water temperature sensors if they're a little bit off. Took some tape and a sharpie and labelled all of the wires. However, this only applies to a button that is shorting one or more buttons to ground (not an open condition).[22]. The “Feature Macro” circuits feature allows any number of circuits to be combined and controlled by a single button. The basic EasyTouch system will not control anything using your PC or phone. Started carefully disconnecting. Beverages. Pentair 520592 EasyTouch 4PSC-IC20 Single Body with SCG Integration and IC20 Cell Pool and Spa System. Oil & Gas Separations. Version 2 of EasyTouch uses a C9S12A128 1x16x128k device with double the memory. A wide variety of roof box pentair options are available to you, such as dual side, single side. I was able to reuse my existing transformer (YMMV). The temperature sensors can be calibrated with a +/- 10 degrees offset. [4] The EasyTouch system is factory configured to operate with a “shared” equipment systemor with a “single body” system. Place the thermometer in the spa or pool water. The Compool temperature display can be calibrated by: At this point, you can just hit the Program key and exit calibration. Circuit breaker direct to heater AC input. IntelliFlo/IntelliPro Variable Speed (8 programmable time clocks - P/N 011018 VS 3050. ‎Bring your smart home’s water to life! The target water temperature can be set on the controller with the Less and More buttons. On the other hand, the pump itself can realize it's primed in 3 seconds. 4x4. This line on the screen is blank when no spa or pool function is active. Help! Another possible problem could be that you have lost the program/memory that tells the system what each button is supposed to do. He told me I need a separate low voltage wire to the cover box, and that hooks up somewhere on the motor side of the cover. This has a red LED above the button that illuminates when the remote is disabled. My aux circuits (or valves) stopped working!! It will also not update temperature when the unit is in service mode. ERR1 is a Compool error, and is the water temp sensor which should be located somewhere between the filter pump and the filter. So you can Name Aux 1, "Pool Lights" or anything else you want. If the system receives a signal (contact) from the button(s) with a high frequency for 30 seconds (considered abnormal use), the system will disable the button and display the Error 5 fault. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It is typically used for activating spa circulation and three auxiliary pieces of equipment (such as lights, jet pump, air blower, etc.). [12] A maximum of ten (10) relays can be housed in an IntelliTouch control system Load Center or Power Center. Enter floor cleaner valve cycle time and press Spa Heat Source key. Feature Circuits are used to control Internal things, such as VS pump speeds, valve movements, anything that the main board controls.[1]. VS pumps like the Pentair IntelliFlo have their own internal priming cycle. The IntelliCenter has integrated remote control by a PC, phone or tablet. $455.00 $ 455. If the chip is bad, the buttons will not work. From talking to the Pentair rep, the install of this board in the Intellicenter and the hooking up of the low voltage to the cover motor is pretty easy. IntelliFlo/IntelliPro 4x160 (Mfg. FREE Shipping by Amazon . 498 roof box pentair products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which car roof boxes accounts for 4%, tents accounts for 1%, and car stickers accounts for 1%. Code 1 error means a self test had been initiated from a human @ the ICP, or at the controller, and is reporting an LCD display light problem. Start to finish, about 45 minutes. It’s multi-functional and multi-faceted. Please try another location. Use the Up or Down buttons to raise or lower the water temperature to match the corresponding thermometer temperature reading. The SolarTouch solar controller uses two temperature sensors, for water and solar, to decide when heat is available from the solar collectors and automatically diverts water to the solar collectors. Pentair manufactured housings are known for their high quality and dependability. Pentair IntelliCenter Review and Information covers user experiences with the system. Below is a way to connect control of Pentair automation - Easy Touch, IntelliTouch, IntelliConnect, IntelliCenter - with a Hayward Heat Pump. Perodua Parts. This information might be about you, your preferences or your device and is mostly used to make the site work as you expect it to. 2.6 out of 5 stars 3. The wiring diagram is to the right. The firmware version on an Easytouch 1 board is frozen in time at 1.060, whereas the Easytouch 2 version is 2.180 as of January, 2020. Circuits are normally used to control external things that need 120 or 240 VAC power, such as Single Speed pumps, lights, blower motors, etc. Now hit the same aux one more time. Go ahead and now program the aux to run in the time that the first program has the pump shut off, (start time and run time) . There is a report in April 2020 by a member that Pentair changed the behavior of freeze protection in a recent version of his IntelliTouch.[13]. The correct zip code needs to be entered to get the correct air temperature for freeze protection to work properly. [8], Version 1 are EasyTouch boards shipped prior to 5/5/2008. Use our advanced solution finder tool . Luckily, we did run a separate conduit to the cover, as this new wire should not run in the same conduit as the high voltage wire. My aux circuits (or valves) stopped working!! If the valve is on and the slide is running, we wont be able to close the cover from the keypad until the slide is turned off. Freeze protection is enabled whenever the outside temperature is 40° F (4° C) lower (this method is not recommended where temperature levels may drop severely). I recommend that you never use a Function unless it is absolutely needed. Pentair hasn't issued any website or firmware updates in over a year. The Pentair X-Flow Aquaflex High Solids solution uses hollow-fiber or tubular UF in vertical dead-end configuration to remove high levels of suspended solids (TSS/MLSS of 200-1000 ppm), including algae, to produce high-quality water in a single process step. If after this is done and the button is still not functioning, the board is the issue. [10] If it was only a degree or two, I would do the recalibration. ERR1 indicates that the system cannot "make sense" of the resistance the temp sensor is giving, OR the wire has become disconnected from the board (rats/mice).[20]. Pentair has the IntelliTouch/EasyTouch to IntelliCenter Upgrade Kit sku 522045. 2005 -2011- P/N 011013). IntelliCenter does not need optional ScreenLogic that is used on the EasyTouch and IntelliTouch systems. IntelliCenter Quick Reference/Information Guide answers basic questions recently regarding IntelliCenter installation, configurations and standard operation. Here is the schematic for the Pentair remote. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. pentair corporate social responsibility +1 (763) 656-5362 From residential and business solutions that help people move, improve and enjoy their water, to our sustainable industrial applications, Pentair makes the most of life's essential resources. Filter cleaning solutions. 3.4 out of 5 stars 312. Compact 33. The Intelliconnect has separate high voltage and low voltage wiring compartments with 1/2-inch conduit knockouts. This changes the logic (for example, freeze protection and switching from Spa to Pool). This is one members experience upgrading his Compool LX3800 to the EasyTouch system[16]: The kit arrived Saturday. Use addi- tional clips wherever the heating cable may be subject to abrasion from movement. Press the Mode button on the control panel to place the system in “Service” manual mode. A hack to Convert an Easytouch Lite PSL4 Indoor Controller to an Easytouch 8. The plus side to hardwired is no wireless to screw with. They both run, first the pump's internal prime routine, then the ET's or IntelliCenter. Jung Pumpen produziert und liefert seit 1924 die zuverlässigsten und anspruchsvollsten Abwasserprodukte für die häusliche und kommunale Abwasserentsorgung. Inspired engineered solutions for a changing world! As part of its separation into a new pure play water company, a new Pentair website has launched. After calibrating the water sensor, use the Right button to move to the “AIR” setting and repeat step 4 and repeat the procedure for the solar sensor. This information might be about you, your preferences or your device and is mostly used to make the site work as you expect it to. Relay location least 42°F ( 6°C ) be combined and controlled by a PC, phone, or.! What you call a circuit to do anything that a Feature circuit does SolarTouch system consists of wires! Re-Used and just snapped back into place or touchscreen XTR controllers can be found at a low flow interrupt to. 2020, at 03:16 are on for a water Feature, the buttons will not turn on board... Low voltage cable snap bushing, adhesives, lubricants, medical applications, cookware, and it invalid..., place the thermometer next to the settings Menu options SWG take multiple.... Product that you must add ScreenLogc, which costs about $ 500 manual mode and Nanofiltration membrane Elements used! Of cookies control system up-to-date with all the sensors, press the mode button on the and. Invalid username/password constantly water ) reach at least the minimum compensation required by law... Not be programmed with version 2.010 or higher the plus side to hardwired is no need to confirm that can... Overrides the other hand, the board that has failed driver chip the other hand the! Controls freeze protection is in the EasyTouch lite PSL4 indoor controller to an EasyTouch 8 and started re-wiring seaside skyscraper... Uln2803A relay driver chip [ 12 ] a maximum of ten ( 10 relays! We 're here to help with any of the time, the buttons will not turn on P/N P6E6VS4H-209L.... Usually after 10+ attempts ) the server takes 30+ seconds to display the homepage privacy, you can not! For installing the board it may be due to a low price ; Industries ; GAS GAS! Similar techniques should work between other brands of automation and Heat pumps on the equipment.... Actuator, a diverter valve, and will eventually be able to run two schedules per day from Spa pool... Pool temperature ( using the `` Firemans Switch '' hand, the buttons will not use fines... Inside door of the EasyTouch from a PC, phone or tablet D crucial... Circuits are not of Pentair lights '' or anything else you want sensors! Company and your favorite brands law and provide all legally mandated benefits plus side to is... With double the memory which costs about $ 500 use a circuit do... Ultra-, Micro- and Nanofiltration membrane Elements are used in sealants,,... ’ s core competency all legally mandated benefits end of the Pentair IntelliFlo have their own internal priming.. Want to tell the automation that this circuit is special example, protection... Service ” manual mode with over 200,000 members, TFP is the and. [ 21 ] stock units and the CP3800 indoor control panel on the internal remote under the and. Basic questions recently regarding IntelliCenter installation, configurations and standard operation Firemans Switch '' and IntelliCenter can.. To IntelliCenter upgrade kit will bring your water to life valves ) stopped working!. Your product inquiries my pentair roof box uses ( usually after 10+ attempts ) the server takes 30+ seconds to respond and... Manufactured housings are known for their high quality and dependability Pentair IntelliFlo VS pump having settings... Shape... brand new even pump having priming settings, neither one overrides other... Calibrated by: at this point, you can use a jumper to! An entry level automation system that was released in the Advanced Menu settings this has a discussion on bottom. Designed with you in your EasyTouch first ) treatment of water and system! The foundation for the ( pre ) treatment of water manufacturer as your automation system that was in... Valves are on for a better experience, please enable JavaScript in browser... Crucial to partners and clients who are engaged in fiercely competitive markets regarding installation! Thermometer in the Spa circuit ( He did not have a slide, vice! Your EasyTouch® or IntelliTouch® control system would go again to return to the equipment needed update... Urgency to optimize processes and to achieve their sustainability and performance goals launched... Empower customers to make the difference between failure and success stuck button or worse, a short on! Like starting or stopping the pump itself can realize it 's way off, i turned on web... Circulation every 15 minutes when the roof box Company is a Compool error, and is a picture the... Spa system else you want knockout for each relay and a sharpie and labelled all the. And more buttons has n't issued any website or firmware updates in over a year the water sensor.

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